Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello to the new viewers!

Sorry for my absence, I did put myself through trade school and found myself a job in my trade, I've only been making jewelry here and there, mostly commissions. I've been busy like the rest of the world, but I had a great opportunity to show my jewelry tonight!

I made an facebook page, called Wolfstare Enterprises while I am building a store page. Please check the link to see some other new stuff. Some of the oilder stuff is still on the Flickr site here:

The show will be at the Trenton Social, located at 449 South Broad Street, Trenton NJ 08611. It's across from the Sun Center, and features an innovative menu, lockers you can rent (to store your bottle service and cigars within built-in humidors), and great art on the walls, The Trenton Social also hosts different events for folks. Please check them out on Facebook (FB) for more info on coming events! Also, Vanity does beautiful glam paintings and keeps me in the know about what's happening at the Social, please check out her FB page: Vanity

Tonight's art is from Erik Nielsen, this excerpt from the event page on FB.  
"Join us on August 3, 2012 at Trenton Social to celebrate our next featured photographer artist, Erik Nielsen. Erik is an extremely deep thinker where his photography is concerned. He focuses a great deal on the exchange between light areas in a dark background or vice versa. He was born in California and grew up in Oregon. He received his BA in Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently working at the Johnson Atelier in Hamilton, NJ as a painter and maintains the sculptures.

Erik's statement:

"As a artist I am primarily concerned with the interaction of masses of light and dark and the ways in which tension and balance can be created. Photography allows me to approach pictorial composition in a more intellectual way by removing many of the physical problems encountered in drawing and painting. The medium of photography inherently suggests a level of fidelity to the original subject that is unique – thus when we encounter the impossible or the surreal in a photograph we are astounded because we assume that it must have actually existed. My goal is to present the strange, the beautiful, the unexpected, in a way that is aesthetically palatable. I photograph strictly in black and white, and never crop. I reserve photoshop solely for adjusting contrast and brightness of the image to reinforce composition, never retouching or removing elements in the image to suit my convenience. These restrictions free me from arbitrary choices and allow me ton focus on discovering significance and order in the chaos of reality." "

I hope everyone who is in the area can make it out tonight, I am scheduled to work so I am trying to set up as soon as possible, but I may not be able to be there until later tonight. But please, come from 7 pm -2 am, enjoy the food (i rec the sirloin sandwich and mac-and-cheese balls), drinks, pretty art, and people.


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