Saturday, September 27, 2008

1st batch of photos

Time to post some photos, as promised. Let's get to it.....


You can' t tell by the picture, but the center donut is iridescent, much like a jellyfish, on waxed cotton string, hand knotted, with high-end acrylic beads.


Yummy red and pink Swarovski crystals on vinyl cord, medium length, and a heart and arrow toggle clasp.


Another Valentine-y creation, this version is on silver chain with extension clasp because it is a choker style necklace.


A pewter key dangles from black vinyl cord, surrounded by aqua and grape colored acrylic beads, and features a pewter grape toggle.


Made from Deer bones and horns, and finished with leather ties, this piece is inspired by Native American bone chokers. Some hand painted black on white bones sit in the middle, while aqua "miracle" beads separate each section. The colors remind me of a coral snake.

Lucky You

Gold plated posts, with gold stardust beads and reconstituted malachite ( a natural gemstone used by ancient Egyptians) make this a lovely piece for any St. Patrick's Day outfit.


Bright blue wooden beads on nylon coated wire with a bright red plastic Asian centerpiece.

Fraggle Rock

Green cat's eye stone and natural brown stones on wire with glass spacers. I did have matching earrings at one point,


Silver plated fish hooks ear wires come with rubber stops on the back. The centerpieces says "Patience" in aqua ink with flower silhouettes and smoky topaz beads.

Spring Fair

Green and pink glass beads on nylon coated wire and cotton candy pink speckled glass beads that can hold clip on charms.

Chunky Natural Stone Bracelets

Different kinds of natural and semi precious gemstones on strong nylon coated wires with silver toggle clasps (which make it easy to fasten yourself) are very popular and make great gifts. Although these bracelets are hefty, you would know if it came loose, and thus makes it harder to lose.


white turquoise and owlite (dyed to look turquoise)

Sand Princess

brown agate


mossy green agate


African turquoise and amethyst


Coffee and cream colored zebra agate and silver spacers


red and brown agate

Desert Dessert

Sandy and red agate with silver spacers

South by Southwest

White and African turquoise

I have lots more pieces but I need a good clear day to get some good light to take some more photos of some more recent pieces.
Thanks for stopping by!

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